Fine Art and Antiques Insurance

Protect your valuable fine art or antiques.

A collection of art and antiques can be valuable for many reasons. While sentimental and emotional attachment can’t be guarded against, financial losses can.

The Met estimate that in the UK alone, Arts and antiques theft stands at around £3bn annually. Fine Art Insurance is vital to protect your investment.

At Ellis David we can arrange a wide variety of Fine Art Insurance or Antiques Insurance for individual collectors, private dealers and exhibitors so whether you collect art for pleasure or buy antiques to sell on for profit, your antiques collection (or stock) is protected against risks such as accidental damage or theft.

Our highly trained team understand the importance of your antiques collection and will work with you to create a personalised Fine Art Insurance policy to suit your needs that is appropriate for your collection.

Our team are available to talk to on the phone or via email and will keep you informed every step of the way from taking out the policy, to renewing it and even managing your claim should you need to make one.

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To discuss your insurance requirements please call us on 020 7354 3881 or email us through our contact page using the link below.

Key features of our Fine Art and Antique Insurance:

Defective Title Cover

Protect yourself against the possibility of other people making a claim of ownership on a piece you invest in.

Provenance can be difficult to prove, and expensive to defend, should rightful ownership be challenged.

Temporary Location Cover

If any of your artefacts are moved or on display somewhere else.

Up to 28 consecutive days covered, allowing you freedom to move pieces without having to worry.

Emergency Evacuation Cover

Whether due to fire or floods as well as suspicion of theft.

Appropriate transportation costs can be covered should you need to move your valuables.

Automatic Acquisition Cover

Automatic acquisition cover for new additions to your collection.

Up to 30% of the total sum of your insured collection, meaning that opportunistic purchases can be achieved with peace of mind.

Who needs an Antiques Insurance Policy?

Whether you are a professional dealer or enthusiastic collector, having protection in place that accurately reflects your assets and their storage is invaluable.

Fine Art Insurance covers risks such as damage, loss and theft. At Ellis David, we take the time to understand your precise needs, so that the cover you pay for accurately reflects the value and risks involved, while also ensuring you don’t pay for cover you don’t need. 

    A Fine Art Insurance or Antiques Insurance Policy is necessary for a wide range of people including: 

    Private Collectors  who may keep their antiques in their home for private display.

    Dealers – who perhaps have a large collection of antiques stored in a showroom. Your collection may constantly rotate and therefore change in value according to what stock you have.

    Museums or Exhibitors – whose collection moves around from gallery to gallery and requires additional transportation insurance.

    Contact us to create a personalised Fine Art or Antique Insurance policy that is appropriate for your collection.